The nights become longer and days become shorter. Trees shed their leaves, the temperature drops and the world around us transitions from summer to winter. These are some of many reasons why autumn is most people’s favorite time of year and why it is my favorite too.

Maple leaves are particularly beautiful during autumn. The array of colors on one single leaf can be breathtaking. In fact, all leaves and trees transform from something ordinary and mundane to something stupendous.

~Maple leafs~
~Maple leafs~

Autumn however, isn’t only about the cosy evenings and the cold mornings. Autumn is a season of harvest. Many cultures around the world prepare for their harvest festivals, in many cases that is the most important date on their calendar. Most foods are harvested in the autumn, one food in particular associated with autumn are pumpkins, they are inherent in both Halloween and Thanksgiving, thanksgiving being celebrated in the United States and Canada.

IMG_2086 IMG_2084


Autumn is a season anticipated by many but it brings a certain melancholy which is due to the imminent arrival of harsh weather.

A. xo


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