Train to Leamington..

So, when my sister came to stay with me at Uni for two days we took the opportunity to take a train down to Leamington. I have only been there once before (work training) and didn’t really get a chance to have a proper look around but, ever since I have wanted to go back and explore properly. Although, the weather was windy, rainy and cold (typical english weather) we had a fab time regardless!

The shops were lined up on one long road called ‘Parade Street’. Every shop was white on the outside which somewhat reminded me of the sea side (don’t ask me why I have NO idea). Although, they looked aesthetically pleasing there was nothing special about them, just the usual you get anyplace else, h&m, River Island, Fat Face, WHSmith etc.

One thing that both of us noticed though was the abundance of independent cafes and coffee shops/breakfast places. They were all so unique and one stood out to us in particular, it was called La Coppola. It had fresh vegetables displayed outside as you walk in, it was all green and nature oozed out of it. Although we didn’t go in as we were pressed for time and had just had a McDonalds I can’t help but think the food in there is delicious and possibly even organic?


Aside from that there was also a park, it looked beautiful, it had big metal gates at the entrance, it was clean and tranquil. The lake was full of swans and ducks to feed, there was a row of benches along side the sidewalk that you could sit on and take a moment to relax. As spring is approaching the park looked particularly pretty and fresh with all the early blooming flowers.

We weren’t there for too long as we had to catch the train back and get ourselves ready for a student night out! (That’s a whole blog post in itself, although I can’t help myself but mention that Nat ended up on her bum 3 seconds after stepping onto the dance floor and NO she was not drunk which makes it all the more hilarious!).


Leamington is definitely not as exciting as London or Birmingham but it’s perfect for those looking to spend a nice quiet day someplace new and not so fast pace.


It’s only two stops away from Coventry on the train so if you ever find yourself in Coventry, for any reason, and have some spare time I would definitely recommend!

A. xo


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