News bulletin script – 135MC Making Journalism

It 3 o’clock I’m Aleksandra Ganuszko delivering your news today.

1. Following last month’s Taliban school massacre, Pakistan is allowing teachers to carry weapons.

 The sprawling campus of the all-boys school, Government Higher Secondary School, is one of the biggest and oldest government institutions in Peshawar.

 The school has recently acquired weapons and armed some of its staff. One of them now serves as a sniper on the rooftop. Others have been redeployed to guard the school entrance.

Officials point out that having a gun or carrying it is not a big deal in northwest Pakistan as it is considered a part of Pashtun tribal culture. Others believe promoting a gun culture in schools is not the way to fight violence and militancy.


2. Detectives say two heavily armed suspects, one male and one female, have been killed by police after a mass shooting at a social services center in California.

14 people died in the incident in San Bernardino which targeted a pre-Christmas work party.

The FBI says it’s not ruling out the possibility of terrorism.

Local Police chief Jarrod Burguan says some suspicious devices were also found at the scene of the attack.

(Play the audio)


3. Oscar Pistorius’s conviction for killing his girlfriend has been changed from manslaughter to murder.

An appeals judge said last year’s verdict was “confusing and flawed.”

The athlete – who is currently under house arrest at his uncle’s home in Pretoria – will face a new sentencing hearing in the New Year.

Legal expert Llewellyn Curlewis says it’s inevitable Pistorius will be spending a lot more time behind bars.

(Then followed by the audio)


Now onto more local news:

4. Coventry reacts as MPs vote for Syria air strikes.

Coventry residents have reacted to the news that ten of Coventry and Warwickshire’s MPs voted in favour of air strikes in Syria.

MP’s voted in favour of military action yesterday, with four RAF Tornado jets deployed shortly after the motion carried – and eight more are set to follow today.

The public has been commenting on the Coventry telegraph online page and are clearly outraged with the verdict.

One person said “I wouldn’t like to have such blood on my hands.”

Another one added,

“UK should stay away from Syria. WWIII is about to kick off.”


5. Free parking in Coventry city Centre is set to return in the run up to Christmas. Parking will be free each Wednesday between 25 November and 23 December after 3pm – helping shoppers make the most of their late night Christmas shopping.


6. A new Tiger store has now opened in Coventry city Centre. They hold no sales or promotions throughout the year. This year despite the fact that Tiger did not hold any sales during Black Friday, the new store still managed to take more in profits than at any other time of the year. (Play the interview later in the show.)

For now I’m Aleksandra Ganuszko and this was your news for today.






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