This all depends on whether you really want to go and what you want to get out of it. University is definitely not for everyone and you either love it or hate it. It’s a bit like marmite. This is what I have found anyway, I have been in a place where I have wanted to quit and leave but then again there have been times where I wouldn’t dream of leaving.

University for me it bitter-sweet, I am not the type to go out and party, I hardly do that atall and that’s why my experience differs so much from my friends. If you are the type of person to go out and party then of course you will love university as this is the time for you to live out your younger years and just have fun! Although you still have to work hard and put in the work to get good results and actually learn something! Which many students in their first year forget!

 The first year of university is definitely the year where you find your friends and you find yourself, you learn what kind of person you are, what you like and what you don’t like. I know that I have definitely learnt that I am not an outgoing, super sociable person, don’t get me wrong there are times where I go out and I enjoy myself a lot but then there are times where I stay in and opt out of going out, and that happens way more often than actually going out!

University is definitely a challenge and I know it has been for me. More so if you’re planning on living away from home, in a different city or even in a different country! You have to realise that leaving your family behind and all your friends is going to be tough as it definitely has been for me, you have to realise that with this decision comes huge responsibility. One thing for sure, do not let anyone make that decision for you. Going onto further studies because you feel like all your friends are going is not the way it should be done. Going to university because your parents want you to go or because you can’t bear to be without your boyfriend and he is going or even because your brother or sister have gone and you feel the pressure to go too. NO! No, no, no, don’t get pressured into doing something you really don’t think is what you want because in the long run you will become miserable and if your heart and your head isn’t it in then lets be honest you probably won’t do well!! Therefore, it is crucial to make that decision for yourself! For you and nobody else. It’s you that is going to have to go to those lectures and write those essays, not your parents or your friends. 

A very important thing that has to be mentioned is that at university you are in charge of your own finances, you have to learn how to budget, you have to learn how to cook, you have to learn how to manage your time and get s**t done! For me leaving my siblings and moving away from home was the hardest and at the end of October I missed home a lot, I was feeling lonely as I haven’t made that many friends, I was missing my boyfriend, I was missing my home comforts and most of all I was missing my old job and the stability and routine that I had when I was at home. Your new routine and the new environment is a huge factor when leaving home and it’s so hard to adjust to ( in my case anyways ). You have to be ready to feel like you’re about to quit but then pushing through, if you’re not ready for that then university isn’t for you. 

All of this, in the end gives you huge confidence in yourself and forces you to mature and grow up, it means your less dependent on others and you learn to trust yourself a lot more! University is definitely a time of transition from a teenager to an adult, you’re living alone, you have to be responsible and balance your social life and studies, if you are someone who relies on others to push you to do your work and get things done then university is probably not for you as it leaves you in the deep end as you don’t have a tutor or a teacher you can go to and get help from. University lecturers and professors are so busy they hardly get the time to reply to a simple email never mind give you time for a one on one session. So, if you’re not liking what you’re reading here  I would think about whether you’re really ready for uni. 

Student loans and finance is a huge factor to consider when applying to university, it can prove to be very stressful. A lot of people are pessimistic towards the idea of university as they believe that all it does is leave you with a debt and doesn’t guarantee you a job. 

Yes, it does both however, this is a bad attitude to have. Firstly, it does leave you with a debt but you don’t have to pay that back straight away, you only start repaying your borrowed money once you start eating over a certain amount per year. You might never reach that salary (although I hope I bloody do!) and therefor you will never have to pay it back, secondly although uni doesn’t guarantee you a job it definitely does make you a more attractive employee as by the time you are done with your studies you should be filled with all kinds of experiences and knowledge that others around you who haven’t gone to university lack. Having a degree maybe doesn’t as such put you in first place but the experiences that you learn at uni and the opportunities that are given to you to develop yourself in a specific field/subject are fantastic and employers will recognise that!! 

Speaking of opportunities offered at university. I know that this was a huge factor that contributed to me coming to uni. I have always wanted to volunteer abroad with children and knowing that coventry university offered this made me want to come here even more. Yes, I love studying journalism and it is something that I am passionate about but at the end of this I might not even be a journalist I might end up working as something completely different, a teacher for example, but the experiences that I will gain and the contacts I will make, the people I will meet are priceless and something I will treasure forever. So if you’re someone who wants to travel and do volunteering and get the chance to do strange and fantastic things and you want to be given those opportunities and don’t quite know where to look for them then university is your answer!! It teaches you life skills and broadens your horizons, it really does so before you rule uni out as an option, really think about it because you don’t want to miss out believe me!

A- xo


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