Voting is a right not a privilege; or is it the other way around?



With the EU referendum slowly creeping up on us it is important to understand why everyone who is eligible to vote should do so. Whilst there is so much debate attached to the topic of voting and people are forever divided on whether voting is a right or a privilege we can’t forget that it is important to participate regardless of which one it may be.

So many people hold strong opinions on whether we should remain in the EU or if we should leave, everyone has something to say about it regardless if they are educated on the subject or not, yet most of those people will not vote. Simply because they are too lazy to register or because they “can’t be bothered” or “don’t see the point”.

Let me take this time out of my day to explain to those people that voting is in fact a privilege and it is very important that people participate and vote on Thursday 23rd June.

Voting is definitely a privilege although some people may not think it is and believe that it is our right to vote.


A right is something that can never be taken away from you whereas a privilege can, voting hasn’t always been a right. Have we forgotten about the suffragettes? I’m sure that most of us have learnt about their movement at school. For those of you who haven’t or don’t remember Suffragettes were members of women’s organisations in the late-19th and early-20th centuries which advocated the extension of the “franchise” (the right to vote in public elections) to women.

Those women had to fight to vote and have their opinion matter, some even lost their lives over it and here we are not voting for no particular reason. I am sure that if voting was taken away from all of us, automatically people would want that privilege back. That is always the case, we want things that we can’t have, but in this case we can vote so why not do it!!

We should also look at voting as a privilege because it is tangible which means it can be taken away from us, we have to register and gain the right to vote which makes it a privilege, it is provided to us by the government and it means that it can be taken away from us just as easily. Intangibles such as speech, opinion, self-defense, etc. are natural rights because they, theoretically speaking, cannot be taken away since the government does not provide them, voting isn’t like that and we could lose it if we don’t vote and don’t show that we care.

Whether you care or don’t it doesn’t matter, you should still take the time out to learn about the EU referendum and hold an opinion and vote for what you believe in. In the end you aren’t losing out on anything!

A- xo


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