Can white and black Americans really live together?

With the recent blow up of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign along with the shootings of black Americans by white police men, America is divided. Racial tensions are extremely high and people are sensitive now more than ever before.

The recent incident in Dallas where Micah Johnson (known as the ‘Dallas killer’) killed five white police officers has both, saddened and shocked me immensely. I am horrified to say that this is the world that I am growing up in and it angers me that we, as humans, still can’t manage to live together in peace and harmony. We all seem to want and preach for the same things yet we aren’t anywhere close to living in this perfect, peaceful world that I am sure we all envision.

Incidences such as this one make me realize how important it is for America to not only change its gun laws but to also try and unite both, the white and black communities. Far more effort should be made for black people to not feel targeted and bullied. Yes, it is very simple to say this but it is really not that hard to achieve it. There are so many videos on the internet showing us how white police men are arresting and restraining these black males, they have no way of escaping and most of them are surrendering themselves, yet we still hear gun shots and see violence on our screens, this is so sad and so unacceptable. I am not excusing Micah Johnson for what he did nor am I saying that all white police men are racist BUT I am sympathising with the black community. They are the victims in all of this.

We cannot deny that there are racial motives behind the actions of those police men who have killed more than 100 unarmed black people in 2015. The deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, and Freddie Gray can’t go unnoticed, those black men have been innocent they haven’t committed any crimes nor did they bring any danger to society, those killings can only be evidence of long-standing problems with police racism and excessive violence.

People are way too scared to identify situations for what they really are. Police officers across America are clearly racist, I am not saying all of them but judging from recent news stories they are definitely not in the minority.

Black people are humans too and they have feelings just like the rest of us, we must be stupid to expect them not to act up the way that they have. This isn’t something to be outraged and angry about, we should be supporting them and recognizing their courage for standing up to racism and aggression that is targeted their way.

Small minded and ignorant people will see this post as an attack on the white community or see it as an attack on white police officers in particular but it could not be further from the two. I am simply saying what everyone else is thinking.

A- xo


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