One thing after another: France & Turkey

A lorry which killed 83 people in the French city of Nice has been confirmed to be driven by a Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, 31. Ten of the dead were children. 

The attack happened yesterday whilst thousands celebrated the national holiday, Bastille Day. This doesn’t even come as a shock to me anymore, I read it with a kind of numbness, it’s horrific and sad but it is the world that we live in. We have to stay united and we have to stay hopeful that one day we might all live in peace and harmony, but that is highly unlikely.

The last 18 months have been a total nightmare for France, only yesterday the president, François Hollande, was going to drop the state of emergency that France has found herself in for so many months and then this horrific attack happened. Twenty-five people are currently on life support and over 200 have been hospitalised, this is beyond crazy and I cannot comprehend how anyone could justify this terrible attack. The terror and panic that people are living in everyday has got to stop, but sadly it doesn’t look like it is going to come to an end any time soon.

I can only imagine what it would feel like to lose a family member or a close friends or even watch someone have their life taken from them by such a selfish act. Terrorists don’t think about the wider picture when they kill and when they cause such chaos, they do it all in the name of a greater being but is that greater someone really worth all this suffering and pain? Do they ever ask themselves this question? Is this worth it? What is this really all for? They don’t, they are brainwashed and they are crazy, I cannot even put my anger into writing, I feel ashamed and embarrassed that this is where we have let the world come to.

If this wasn’t enough anguish for one day we now hear of all the mayhem and chaos going on in Turkey. Top army officials and people of huge importance are being kept hostage because the army are taking over to fight for “democracy”. People are bowing down in the streets before the army men to show them respect in hope that this will stop them from shooting. The president is said to be safe, but it has now been reported that he has tried to fly into Germany but they refused this entry.

I am writing all of this whilst watching live coverage on TV. This is scary. I am definitely scared for the world and for the people living in Turkey and around the world where horrific situations like this one are taking place.

The army are the people who are meant to be taking care of their country and fighting for its peace and happiness and freedom, aren’t they? So what the hell are they doing? Fighting for democracy? Is keeping people hostage and terrifying the citizens democracy? Is keeping everyone oblivious to what is actually going on democracy? No it sounds to me like a dictatorship taking place, those people have clearly gone crazy or someone else has ordered them to behave like this, why else would they disable news stations from broadcasting and why would they limit the use of twitter and Facebook? They don’t want the world to know what is going on, that is why.

Judging by the current situation in the world I think it is safe to say that we are headed for a third world war and  that is if we aren’t already involved in one. It is arguable that the world has been at war with itself for a long time and things aren’t looking to be changing anytime soon.


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