Food for thought – social media.

Im feeling like I need to vent to someone about a subject that has been bothering me for a while now, so I thought why not just put it in a post that way I can type everything that comes to mind and leave it at that.

I was recently thinking how it is so easy in todays society to become a public figure and by that I don’t only mean celebrities that walk the red carpet, I mean youtubers, instagramers, facebook personalitites and anyone that has some kind of social media following, be it subscribers on youtube or followers on instagram. Those people are everywhere around us and myself as well as many other people like their posts or follow their lives on a day to day basis and with this we get caught up in their lives and sometimes forget to live our own.

I don’t really know where I am going with this but I guess seeing the recent trends such as lip fillers or sports caps along with perfectly applied makeup that all girls are seem to wear  has got me thinking that social media is extremely misleading and all those social media influencers don’t actually realise what an impact they have on their audiences. We see instagram posts of peoples perfect meals and their perfect outfits that they wore to that perfect event along with their perfect boyfriend when in reality that isn’t even them. We see what people want us to see, 90 percent of the time those people are living their day to day life which probably doesn’t look too different to mine and yours. Taking a step back and coming to this relaisation takes time and I understand that but I wish that people realized this sooner before they become obsessed with wanting to be just like those people, before they go out spending their hard earned money on that new kylie lip kit or that adidas cap just because they think that is what they need to be accepted and “popular”.

What we see on social media is just a distorted image of what reality is suppose to look like when in fact it doesn’t and shouldn’t look anything like that, just because some people portray their lives to be “perfect” we have to remember that there is a whole 90 percent of their lives that we don’t see and know nothing about, you can’t forget that every individual person only shows what they want us to see. You don’t know if they aren’t being paid to show themselves wearing that particular lipstick or that particular outfit from a certain brand, most of the time they probably are getting paid for it because we can’t forget that in this crazy world we live in that is someones job. They may not even believe in that brand or they might think that the clothing they have on is of poor quality yet they still post that “perfect” picture because it gets them a pay cheque. I would like to think that not everyone is like this and that most things we see online are actually someones true and honest opinion but at the same time we can’t be naive and expect everyone to be like this. Lets use youtubers as my next example, they are getting hugely popular and more of them are being recognized for their huge followings online, daily vloggers such as ‘Pointless Blog’ or ‘Casey Neistat’ filmtheir daily lives and post it on youtube but they will only show you the parts that they are happy with, why would they vlog the argument that they might have had with their girlfriend, why would they post that picture where they look rough or not so “perfect”? You can’t look at those posts and believe everything that you see, read or watch.

I guess in the end this post comes to spread one message and that is; no one is more than anyone else and it is important to remember that. I am guilty of sometimes feeling less than those girls I see on social media or I sometimes feel like my life isn’t as exciting as some daily vloggers but in the end you have to rememeber that you are your own individual person. You have your own life and you can’t afford to get caught up in anyone elses because in the end you just lose out on living the best version of your own life, you’re missing out on appreciating what’s good that’s happening to you, focusing on other people often brings us down and makes us forget how lucky or privileged we are ourselves. Yea sometimes life isn’t so great and you might be going through a shitty time but you have to remember that (as cliche as this sounds) everything happens for a reason, you may be convinced that that one particular event or a hard time in life isn’t going to lead to something good but it will.

Rant over I guess, I could go on for another 1000 words but what would be the point in that, I think I got everything down that I wanted to say.

A- xo


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