F**k Donald Trump!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump


Having watched the video (link above) I am not only horrified and angry but sad. Sad because this horrible man has supporters behind him and people who believe that every lie he tells and every insult he throws is accurate and true. Talking so horrifically about terminally ill people is horrendous, his insensitivity to the subject and humorous approach should be punishable!

Writing this feels strange because how can I feel so strongly about this when I am not American and I will not be voting on the 8th of November? I can because this man has insulted almost everyone apart from himself! His derogatory comments about women, his insults directed at the Mexicans and refugees, his foul language towards Hillary Clinton and towards Barack Obama and let us not forget his appealing treatment of all the Americans that aren’t the ones voting for him, he likes to think of himself as a fit candidate for a president? He must be delusional.

Donald Trump has no shame and most importantly no professionalism, he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth and behaves like an arrogant teenager who’s ego is way too big and he holds no consideration towards anyone else.

He is a man who excludes huge communities of people, he believes that a marriage and a relationship is only between a man and a woman and therefore excludes and insults the whole of the LGBT community, this surely knocks America back 50 years or so, all the progress America has made will be wiped by this one particular individual. He wants to make America “great again”. Again?! What does that even mean? He wants things his own way and sadly that is not a good thing, he will bring the world to another war no doubt!!

He doesn’t pay taxes and he has admitted to that! Will he pay them? No he will not and nobody seems to be doing anything about that, he has accused Barack Obama of lying about this birth place, he has insulted women and used appealing language towards them, he doesn’t even seem apologetic! I know for sure that I wouldn’t want someone like that running my country. People scream how great he is and how rich he is, yes he may be rich but all that was inherited from his father who has made a name for himself, the rest of his money comes from his actual “celebrity” status and not his hard work, he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times!

I could go on for days but there isn’t much point, his supporters are blinded and there will always be that one idiot who will stick up for him and see no wrong in his behaviors. He is cocky and arrogant he doesn’t actually think about his people and he for sure won’t do any good by them.

A- xo


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