Little rant: New Years resolutions.

So it is coming up to that time of the year, when people are feeling festive and optimistic in the run up to Christmas and then the New Year, of course. We all have a very long and probably a little too ambitious of a list, of all the things we want to change/improve upon in the New Year. We feel excited and nervous, probably very hopeful that everything we ever wished for will happen for us in 2017. I’ve got to be honest seeing posts on Facebook of all the people sharing their new years resolutions is something I can definitely wait longer for.

All of our new year resolutions are cemented in our minds or in some cases on pieces of paper, but this doesn’t mean that they will get accomplished or that things will actually change. People are just under this impression because it is what we associate the new year with. CHANGE. No, it’s just a normal day with a title attached to it. Just because it is the beginning of a new year doesn’t mean all your resolutions will come true and that you will suddenly get a promotion at work or lose weight or save that money you have been meaning to for probably several years. All your debts, worries and unhappiness won’t disappear because it is 2017, a fresh start. That’s bullshit. They will disappear if you really work hard at them, if you really and genuinely want to improve on yourself or bring changes to your life, it’s about having the willingness and determination not about the new year rolling around.

Wasn’t this year all about having a clean slate and starting new, and the year before that? Don’t be fooled thinking that 2017 will magically roll around and you’ll be a new person, that’s impossible. Yes, you can have resolutions and plans to bring changes to your life but that shouldn’t depend on the new year, that’s just an event that we associate with change, it doesn’t guarantee change and happiness, that all depends on the individual. Who’s to say that you can’t make lists full of resolutions every week or few months even, where does it say it has to be on the 1st of January??

Take this as an example: you have been trying to lose weight all year, it didn’t happen in the winter, it didn’t happen in the summer but it will suddenly happen now? NO, there is a reason why it hasn’t happened, you were too lazy or life got in the way ( as some people like to say, although that is also bullshit) or perhaps something else happened that is beyond your control, 2017 won’t just solve that for you, you need to work on that yourself. Yes I know that the new year is a fresh beginning for many people and that for some it really does kick start changes and improvements that they have been wishing to make but that is not the case for everyone. I am sure by the end of January, most of your resolutions are already out of the window, mine are anyways, this is why we need to change the way we think.

Make changes because you want to and you feel ready to not because the pressure of yet another year rolling around is making you do it. 

A- xo


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