Dublin City Diaries

Holly and moi

Dublin is definitely a city I never thought I would visit, simply because it never grabbed my attention and I never considered wanting to travel there. This trip was definitely spontaneous and unplanned. One day I heard of an opportunity to intern at Metro Eireann, Dublin and I just thought why not.

Me and a friend have found ourselves in Dublin going to work for a newspaper we knew nothing about, totally unprepared with not enough money saved (Dublin is NOT cheap) but we made the most of it.

When we weren’t in the office working on articles and sourcing interviews we tried to see as much of the city as we could, we walked for miles to find the perfect “instagramable” locations and in doing so came across:


  • Graffiti walls which you can find all around Dublin
Street art is almost on every wall in the Temple Bar District graffiti 2grafitti 5


  • Wonderful parks
Merrion Square gardens / park was beautiful
It had a beautiful lake in the middle with flower gardens surrounding it



Merrion square is the perfect spot for a picnic with friends or to come by yourself and read a good bookparkss
  • Georgian Dublin : Amazing coloured doors dotted around an area known as Georgian Dublin, the clue is in the name all of the doors belong to beautiful Georgian houses which retain a lot of its original structure and architecture.
Beautiful doors painted in all colours of the rainbow 18339503_1690212007662047_166995379_o.jpg




I could post a load more but these are just some of my favourites 
  • Oscar Wilde’s house on Merrion Square: we also found ourselves standing outside of his house. From what I understood it is now  ‘American College’ and is no longer available to the public for viewing, it is used for academic purposes only.

Temple Bar District

This was definitely one of our favourite spots in the city to walk around and take cool pictures, looking at the wall art and enjoying the cute little cafes dotted on every corner was something we did quite a few times during our free time.

dublin .jpg
Temple Bar is an area on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin, Ireland.


dublin 003.jpg
One of the many cool buildings dotted around the city in the Temple Bar district
dublin 01.jpg
River Liffey- a number of cool bridges takes you over the river, all very different in style.
dublin 78
Ha’Penny Bridge is very pretty and definitely good for cute pictures, one of the most popular in Dublin and seems to me one of the busiest ones.
dublin 007.jpg
Love padlocks can be found on ‘Ha’Penny Bridge’ which adds a Parisian’esque feeling
dublin 77
Abbey Court Hostel, 29 Bachelor Walk, Dublin

A number of Hostels can be spotted around Dublin, they are on every street. Although, we stayed at Abrahams Hostel on Gardiner Street, Abbey Court caught our eye every time we walked past it. Based on 29 Bachelors Walk, Dublin, it is one that I would love to stay in if I ever go back, purely because it looks so pretty.

Although, we were there mainly for work, we tried our hardest to make most of the time that we had free. We googled all the ‘must-see’ spots and visited them. Trinity College according to Wikipedia is

“[Trinity College is] the sole constituent college of the University of Dublin, a research university in Ireland”

Regarded one of the most prestigious and oldest in Ireland. It was very beautiful, the buildings were old and impressive, it oozed with prestige and definitely made me a little jealous that I don’t attend there.







Having never considered Dublin as a place where I want to go, but having been there I can say I liked it. I didn’t love it because it just lacked something which I can’t put my finger on. If I had spent any longer than a week in Dublin I would have been bored, there are a lot of nice spots to visit and a lot to see but it can all be done in a few days.

Staying in the city center was fun but Dublin isn’t vastly different to anywhere else that I have been, if I was to stay longer it would definitely lose its charm.

If I had to mention any negatives about my time in Dublin it would have to be the magnitude of people spitting in the streets, it was surprising and very unpleasant, the next is purely my own opinion which might change in the future. I have noticed that the people (in my opinion) are far more grumpy and aggressive, Irish seem to me to be more cynical and not as friendly as I would have imagined, but this could be because I was in the city center where there are a lot of travelers and backpackers, the streets are busy with people who aren’t Irish and don’t speak the language, this might have something to do with peoples attitudes although I understand it isn’t as simple as saying that.

There is a lot of history attached to Ireland and understanding Irish culture and their way of life can’t be done within a week, Dublin isn’t an accurate representation of Ireland as a whole, I totally understand that so maybe in the future I will make the effort to travel to other parts to really be able to make a fair judgement.


The place that charmed me and one that I will definitely want to go back to was Howth. Although it is still in Dublin, it is entirely different to the city. It is a village on the outer suburb of Dublin. It is tranquil and dreamy. The views are incredible and life is peaceful.

Views from the cliff sides, Howth

Howth deserves a whole separate blog post. Stay tuned.

A- xo


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